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Saturday, May 24, 2008

In Memory of ... Grandpa Davis

With the weekend of Memorial Day, my family has a tradition of visiting graves, leaving flowers, hunting for bird's nests and then gathering for a big dinner at Grandma Davis's house. Since I am in Florida and unable to visit graves, I still want to honor those that I care about but are no longer with us. So I am posting some pictures that I have picked out that hold great memories of the ones that I love.

This picture is almost 20 years old - I am the one in the hat - although it seems like last year. Every year we went to family camp in July. I can remember Grandpa Davis walking with us and reminding us to pick up after ourselves. I now find myself trying to always be thoughtful and littering is out of the question! People have asked how I am so close to my cousins but they would understand if they had shared a tent, hunted for "brownies", or ran from a bear (or uncle pretending to be a bear).

This is one of my favorite pictures. Again this picture is taken at Family Camp.

Grandpa Davis is a great man and leader. I will always be grateful to him for teaching me honor and respect. I love you always!

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